Mission and Objectives

This non-profit science research organization was established on February 1, 2011, in Orlando, Florida, USA. Its Mission and Objectives are described below:

Mission Statement

The Mission of the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center, Inc. (IEVPC) is to develop the best possible means for protection of the people on Earth through early prediction of catastrophic geophysical events (CGE) such as earthquakes, associated tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.


The IEVPC has created the following objectives to define the core aspects for the existence and operations of the organization:

a. To create the leading independent science research organization internationally in its fields of study as defined by its mission.
b. To assemble directly and through association, the world’s largest cooperating independent base of experts for the study of earthquakes and volcanoes.
c. To create the most accurate independent capability worldwide for the prediction of earthquakes with notification periods equal to or exceeding one week.
d. To increase the warning time for tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.
e. To increase the global awareness of the hazards of earthquakes and volcanoes.
f. To significantly increase the ability to save lives around the world by providing advance warning of CGE.
g. To provide to its customers the most authoritative, trusted, independent support for planning for CGE’s.
h. To create a viable, self sustaining, permanent entity in the field of earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic science research.


Mt Fuji – One of the World’s Most Recognizeable Volcanoes, Japan-Guide.com